George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Michael

The original design was for a large building able to seat 650 people. In the end, only the nave was built to Fellowes Prynne's design, as the thirties depression and the Second World War combined to render his plans too costly and ambitious.

A simpler, modern style chancel with sanctuary was built on to Fellowes Prynne's nave. The effect to the observer is inevitably of a “time warp” with Fellowes Prynne’s “old” nave contrasting considerably with the modern east end.

Of particular interest, as regards detail, are the neo-Norman pillars, round, with spiral decoration, similar to those found at St. Peter, Ilfracombe. This makes an interesting and effective juxtaposition with the essentially Early English style of the rest of the nave. The original plans apparently incorporated a stone altar and altar rails: this use of stone would have been unique among Fellowes Prynne’s high altar and sanctuary designs.