George Fellowes Prynne


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BRANNEL Cornwall
St. Stephen

(NB: this location spelt BRANWELL by Fellowes Prynne in his notes.)

  • Restoration 1893-4
  • High altar panels by Edward Prynne
  • Nave roof lowered, new barrel roof to match existing north aisle, with bosses
  • Sanctuary reordered, granite steps and tiling placed
  • Stonework much restored and refaced (interior)
  • Pews removed, chairs put in - sufficient to seat 400
  • Decorative stencilling by Fouracre of Exeter

Fellowes Prynne wrote:

Although time has wreaked havoc in this ancient edifice, still more harm has resulted from so-called “restoration” in the early part of the present [19th] century. Thus plaster and whitewash cover the walls, an ugly deal roof replaces the old barrel roof of the nave; fine old windows, probably Norman, have been taken out and poor ones inserted in their place…

(Church in the West 29 April 1893)

The total restoration, as listed above, was done at a cost of £1000.