George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Mary’s Chapel

Located in the Roman Catholic part of Kilburn Cemetery, this is the only work known to the author by Fellowes Prynne for the Roman Catholic Church.  From the outside, this building bears one of the main Fellowes Prynne chapel hallmarks – the apsidal sanctuary. Compare his treatment of the chapel at Saltash Cottage Hospital, as well as numerous Lady chapels. This apse, however, is not rounded, but takes a part-octagonal form. Inside, this form is clearly evident. However, the appearance in all other respects is nothing like anything I have seen. It is predominantly in pale-coloured stonework and marble, and features a marble altar and reredos which I would never have attributed to Fellowes Prynne if I had not been told he designed the chapel. I still have serious doubts - wondering whether this altar and reredos are more modern.