George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Saviour

Dart & Francis’ records show a mass of correspondence on the subject of the work here. It is now summarised for interest - and to give an idea of life before the telephone and fax machine - not to mention the internet!

18 Jun 21   estimate for restoration of reredos in the chapel
4 Jul 21   alter and add to said reredos: new oak platform and extension to altar top
1 Mar 24   oak reredos estimate: £197
4 Mar 24   chapel reredos, altar and oak platform: £251
22 Sep 24   estimate required for repair of north aisle wall
30 Sep 24   estimate sent for £1067
6 Dec 24   chapel to go ahead according to newer design
9 Apr 25   granite and marble platform now abandoned: details required in oak instead
26 Jun 25   reredos, altar and platform now well in hand
1 Jul 25   certificate for £251 received
12 Oct 25   altar £55; additional work of parquet floor and inscriptions
3 Nov 25   altar to go elsewhere
20 Nov 25   altar to go to St. Andrew’s, Surbiton
4 Feb 26   request for oak filling between ends of old altar and pedestal of gradine
28 Apr 26   work (as much as was eventually agreed) complete

The reredos is a significant piece, of great beauty, and very much recognisable as the design of Fellowes Prynne.