George Fellowes Prynne


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St Peter

Information from the Beehive web site Church of St John the Baptist, Penshurst

(My thanks to them for permission to use this information)

The building, of local fine sandstone ashlar, was founded in 1848. It is largely unaltered today, though the wing in the north-east corner housing the vestry and organ bay was added in 1883.

Inside, the chancel has had the floor raised; the four outer panels of the remarkable mosaic reredos were added to the earlier centrepiece; the present east windows, showing Christ surrounded by saints, replaced the originals, and a new altar was installed. All this
was in 1906, the architect being G.H. Fellowes Prynne; the donors, the family of George Hanbury Field who died in 1901, created these additions as his memorial.

The rood screen, in memory of Charles, 2nd Viscount Hardinge (who died in 1894), was probably earlier, provided by Emily, one of his eight children.

It is not clear whether the striking and unusual mandorla window high in the east wall, featuring the dove representing the Holy Spirit, is from 1849 or the window renewal of 1906.

The author has yet to see the church, but is keen to learn more, especially about the window mentioned.