George Fellowes Prynne


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St Mark

Restoration 1913.  This retained most of the old tower and part of the nave wall. It also entirely re-modelled the design and added new chancel, sanctuary, Lady chapel and vestries. In the Lady chapel there is a painting above the marble altar which is understood to be Edward Prynne’s Magnificat.

Interestingly, here at Hadlow Down are to be found two altars of totally contrasting styles, one of which has only been found elsewhere so far at St. George, Benenden in Kent, St Nicolas, Taplow in Bucks, and at St Peter, Harrow, Middlesex. It is entirely of marble, and is not in the usual three panelled style. Instead, there is a central cross within a square, and rectangles either side of the square. At the point where the arms of the cross intersect, there is a circle. The circle is filled with a yellow coloured marble, the square and rectangles with a greyish colour. The cross and the rest of the framework of the design are in white marble. There is a platform, with integral tabernacle. This is the Lady chapel altar. The high altar is in the expected format. The decoration around the three panels is typical and there is again a platform and tabernacle. What is unusual about this altar is that it includes carved figures at either end, each in a niche. The panels are each occupied by a painting by Edward Prynne; the centre shows Christ in Majesty, and He is flanked by censer-waving angels. The effect is of great colour, as the light-coloured figures are set against a rich and vivid turquoise ground, setting off the detail of the figures and the carving.

The unused postcard shows the restored chancel and sanctuary. To the right of the image can be seen the Lady chapel altar, and above it, Edward Prynne's painting.