George Fellowes Prynne


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LOUDWATER Buckinghamshire
St. Peter

Externally, both the original building and Fellowes Prynne’s addition are of red brick, but the two kinds of brick are each from a different era, and in colour and texture do not match. The addition looks incongruous with the Georgian original, being both out of proportion and in a totally different style.

The postcard illustrated above right shows Fellowes Prynne's end of the building, and is much kinder than my photo! Perhaps it was published to coincide with the completion, as it was sent on 13 October 1906.

Inside, the sense of incongruity disappears somewhat, with the proportions feeling much better balanced. There is a contrast between the light, airiness of the original building and the warm, serious red brick of the addition, which is effective in its way. There is a chancel wall with no screen, and the usual high altar in a stepped sanctuary, with dossal curtain behind.

There was a proposal for a complete rebuild, but this was never carried through.