George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Lalluwy

A letter of 11 July 1922 in the Dart and Francis archives lists proposed work as follows:

  1. Remove granite steps, put in new steps and paving - finely axed granite steps. 1” Sicilian and Black marble paving, finished with finely gritted surface; also 1” slate slab under altar. Refix existing altar rails. £238/-/-
  2. Oak Altar and Gradine £110/-/-
  3. Oak panelling to walls of Sanctuary, including sedilia and aumbrey.
  4. Two parclose Screens in oak North and south side of chancel. £184/-/-

In his reply the Vicar decided that they would revise the existing altar, and that nothing was to be done about the proposed chapel for the present.

On 14 September 1922 Dart and Francis requested old bosses so that they could make new ones in a similar style.

On 11 December 1924 correspondence made reference to Memorial Chapel choir stalls and paving, on 4 May 1925 to an oak servers’ desk, and on 10 August 1925 to a Persian carpet to be set behind the altar rails.

The total cost for the work here, invoiced on 25 September 1925, was £699/12/6.

It would seem likely that this was not the only work done here – as the Dart and Francis records are incomplete, and items such as the reredos and the altar furniture seem likely to be Fellowes Prynne's work.

There is a War Memorial located, unusually, in the porch of the church. Its remarkable resemblance to the reredos, and its overall feel, suggests to me that they are by the same designer – Fellowes Prynne – though as yet this is unconfirmed by me. Both are illustrated below.