George Fellowes Prynne


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MORLEY Yorkshire
St. Paul, Town End

New nave consecrated 1893, built on to existing chancel, which itself shows two phases of building. Perhaps Fellowes Prynne replaced some of the stone in the chancel to provide continuity, but other than that it appears that the nave was all he was involved with. It is the typical “barn” with the usual barrel roof. The arches, furniture, flooring and overall layout are standard. Externally, the whole has been re-faced in stone, so that the join between the nave and the earlier chancel cannot be detected. A tower and stone spire were planned but never built.

The unused postcard illustrated clearly shows the chancel and sanctuary of this church, on to which Fellowes Prynne built the nave. As with St Peter's Plymouth, the existing sanctuary was far smaller, particularly in regard to height, than Fellowes Prynne would himself have designed.