George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Martin

“Calvary for those who have fallen in the War” (Fellowes Prynne’s notes) 1919. It is a huge stone crucifix outside the church.  Dart and Francis archives give the following information concerning this memorial.

13 June 1919 (in response to request for estimate), granite masons were instructed to look into the matter of cost.

17 June 1919 - the following estimate was issued:

  1. In Portland Stone, finely tooled finish - £400
  2. If in best Cornish granite, with all the work that entailed - £537 - inclusive of fixing “bronze figure”.

26 June 1919 - it appears that the cost is going to prove a problem, even after the contractor provided revised estimates. However, it was eventually ordered and built, presumably by Dart and Francis, and observation reveals that the cheaper option was chosen.