George Fellowes Prynne


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SALTASH Cornwall
Cottage Hospital

To the honour and glory of the EVER BLESSED TRINITY.
And in loving memory of RICHARD LEY, PRIEST, who fell asleep Dec 11 1886. Aged 65 years.
This hospital is erected and dedicated to SAINT BARNABAS.

There is a tiny chapel, so distinctively by Fellowes Prynne, and yet so small. It is perhaps best compared with his favoured style of Lady chapel, apsidal in form and colourful. It is more intimate even than most of his Lady chapels, having a lower roof, but still with the red brick walls seen in many of the larger buildings. The colour, warmth and intimacy make it ideal for its purpose as a hospital chapel.

The hospital itself, to which the chapel is attached, is in a domestic style, making the whole building look more like a country house than a hospital when viewed from the road. It has managed to avoid the austere appearance of an institution, and, though hardly resembling a cottage, certainly has the feeling of a building people would not be afraid to enter.