George Fellowes Prynne


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SHIPLAKE Oxfordshire
Ss. Peter & Paul

Fellowes Prynne asked the firm of Dart and Francis to make this on 4 June 1920. He said he needed it by 24 July 1920, and it seems they agreed to make a special effort to comply just because it was him! Total cost for the two items was 70.

There is also a wooden open-fronted altar in the Lady chapel. There is nothing available on record to confirm the date or the designer. However, the words

Lord, all pitying Jesu blest
Grant them thine eternal rest

are to be found inscribed on the altar. Fellowes Prynne used these same words on the memorial cross at Ruislip, the memorial at Buckland, and also at Ealing, so it is highly likely that this altar is also by Fellowes Prynne.