George Fellowes Prynne


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North Wyke - House

The Wyke family history notes that the family house was saved from

...the ruthless demolition of its Gatehouse, together with the fine masonry of the whole of the chapel wing...

and brought back to the family by being purchased by Rev. W. Wykes-Finch. In his account on the subject in a paper given in Sidmouth in 1903, he said

Happily, this destruction of old masonry, as interesting and probably as ancient as any in the county, has been averted by the place coming into my possession. Thus an old mansion, unique in character, has been saved from falling into the hands of the destroyer, and will, I hope, be long preserved for posterity, through its careful repair and restoration by the well-known mediaeval architect, Mr. George H. Fellowes Prynne, of London. (external link - opens in new window)