George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Mary

This was a replacement of the old north aisle, and was built 5 feet wider than its predecessor, and with the crest of the roof matching that of the rest of the church.

Internally, the new aisle blends quite well, despite the fact that the east window is of different proportions from its counterpart on the south side. The west window appears to be the original.

Externally, this is one of Fellowes Prynne’s least happy projects. The grey limestone he used neither blends nor contrasts with the random local stone of the original building: the very rectangular nature of the building blocks is directly at odds with the rounded, varied stonework. It has to be admitted that the original would doubtless have been both difficult and expensive to copy, and perhaps the architect felt that the limestone would mellow with time.

Fellowes Prynne designed a new high altar and choir stalls, and the pulpit was repaired. The sanctuary panelling and reredos, all of a piece, are also clearly of his design. Heating was also installed.