George Fellowes Prynne


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St. Mary

I am not comfortable in attributing this screen to Fellowes Prynne, but I have not been able yet to trace it to anyone else – any light that can be shed would be appreciated.

It is of oak, and was a private memorial. At first sight it seems not to be to Fellowes Prynne’s usual style, particularly in the arched tracery seen in each panel. However, there are details, especially along the top of the screen, which are very similar to those in many others he designed. In particular should be noted the delicate decorative edging along the top, the fineness and originality of the tracery, the scrolls of grapes and vine leaves, and the Lombardy Gothic lettering of the memorial inscription.

The altar is located in the south chapel. It is a simple design - three-panelled with decorative carving at the top of each panel. “No. 4 oak riddel posts” and candle sockets were also installed by Fellowes Prynne, but these are no longer in situ.

A letter in the Dart and Francis archives of 21 Feb 1921 says of the altar:

The right sizes will be no. 3 front panels 1’4 ˝” long, and no. 2 end panels 1’3 ˝” long.

It was clearly beneficial to use the same contractor whenever possible!

The unused postcard illustrated shows the interior of the church.