George Fellowes Prynne


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UMTATA South Africa
St. John’s Cathedral

The nave only was completed, but the finished cathedral would have been

…more like a large parish church, accommodating some 1,500 people. The plan shows a cruciform church, with a nave 147 feet in length, by 36 feet in width, divided into 7 bays. The chancel is 67 feet long by 30 feet wide. The north and south transepts from chapels accommodating 189 and 146 people respectively. East of the chapels are the vestries and organ chamber, the latter being over the clergy vestry, and speaking into the south chapel and chancel. The chapter house is in the crypt below the sanctuary.  (Builder 29 Oct 1904 p. 443)

The illustration, reproduced from the same article, shows what the interior of the building was to have looked like. Of note is the stone screen, to a design recalling that at Sydenham in that there is a horizontal element. Note also that there are sets of “stacked” saints, a device used to great success at Sidcup in particular. This would have been one of Fellowes Prynne’s masterworks, had it been completed.

I am very grateful to William Martinson for providing the following photographs of the Cathedral today, and for his permission to use them.