George Fellowes Prynne


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WORCESTER Worcestershire
St. Martin

This is one of Fellowes Prynne’s churches about which the celebrated author of books on architecture around the country, Niklaus Pevsner, had some kind words to say. He begins his brief description of the building:

…Church architecture at its best at the moment before abandoning historicism is…George H. Fellowes Prynne’s new St. Martin at Worcester.

He went on to list some of the features, in particular that there is no break in the roof between the nave and the chancel, that the chancel in on an undercroft, the brick and stone striping of the interior, and the arcades with the arches which, as he put it, die against the piers.

The brick and stone striped feature observed by Pevsner is especially prominent in the arches and pillars, as well as on the east wall. There is a chancel wall but no screen, and a rood beam rather than a chancel arch. The raised sanctuary contains recessed sedilia, a piscina and two stone aumbreys. The floors of both chancel and sanctuary are paved in black and white marble.

The Lady chapel is housed in the south transept, and has the expected apsidal form, with mosaic-paved sanctuary.

The baptistery is a later addition, it having been agreed that funds would never now permit the building of Fellowes Prynne’s planned tower. His original plans were sought, but never found, and so a modern design was agreed on and used. It was dedicated in 1962.

The pictures below show the foundation stone, typical of those to be seen in Fellowes Prynne's churches, along with details of the interior of St Martin's, again showing typical features favoured by the architect in much of his work.